Thursday, December 30, 2021

2021 We're HOME !

Greetings to all on this special 31st anniversary of our wedding day. I cannot believe how fast the time flies and looking back, how VERY full and adventurous our life is.

I just re-read our blog post of one year ago – the first “Stay at Home year”. At that time we couldn’t imagine another year of being home! Now I would have to say that HOME is really HOME in more ways than one.

  •       Last year HOME was Carrboro, NC.
  •       This year HOME is back to our house (in Carrboro, NC) that had been rented for 11 years. Though we lived here for quite a few years before we took off on our travel adventures, it feels like new to us. We did several updates like new floors and new paint and we find it the MOST perfect home for us – the right size and so beautiful. We love our new furniture and all our comforts and our minimalist lifestyle (as much as we can).
  •       HOME is where our heart is. For now, this is where we love to be and don’t mind the fact that we are not traveling or doing much socializing as the world is in a careful mode with regards to the covid virus and the various variants. Luckily, we are vaccinated, boosted and still safe.

  •       HOME is where I can recuperate from my knee surgery. As I write, I am 1 week out of the hospital where I had a total knee replacement. What a difference a week makes! I even walked twice around the cul-de-sac in front of our HOME as the weather is in the 70’s. My thanks go to my excellent physician Dr. Scott Kelley, his team and the joint replacement staff of Duke Regional Hospital.
  •       HOME is where our stuff is. (I had gotten quite used to moving stuff from one place to another for so many years.)
  •  HOME is our community of friends. Being dependent this last week has allowed me to receive such love from so many friends and family - near and far. To be honest, this is really the most important reason to be in community - to feel and share the love.

  • HOME is where my creative juices are flowing and will continue to flow.

  •       HOME is where we will travel from and return to. We have just committed to Mexico from mid July to mid October in 2022. Just the thought of travel again has rejuvenated my spirit.

  •      HOME is where I feel safe and secure. With the love and support of Richard I have faced a somewhat challenging year. I was diagnosed one year ago with Parkinson’s Disease (thankfully early in my symptoms) and through the year felt like a new uninvited person had moved into my brain and self. It is very hard to explain the feelings but they are like none other in my life. Just a few weeks ago I began medication which has helped significantly. The good that came was the discovery of Rocksteady Boxing for people with Parkinson's and I look forward to my twice a week class with others in different stages of this disease. There is much happening and great support here at UNC and in our local community. It has also given me new friends and much learning. I am learning patience for myself as well as others with compromised mobility or communication skills and numerous other physical and mental challenges of life. I have a new motto: May we all be blessed with the sanctity of moving at a snail’s pace. (Now even slower with my knee!)

·    This year has given us both a chance to be of service in our UU Community as part of the Caring Ministry and UU Quilters (for me). We have had many many walks with buddies on the local trails. We have had visitors and also the chance to travel north to family and friends in NY and MA. I will let Ricardo tell of a few of his favorite aspects of our year. 

As the year comes to a close we wish you all a peaceful and grateful NEW YEAR and may there be more peace and less suffering. May our country come together in some way on some aspects of our joined lives together so that we can get along in a better way than we have been doing.


Sibling love

Cape Cod 2021

High school friends

Sister LOVE


It's another year around the sun for almost 7.753 billion human beings not to mention all the other living organisms. I do feel honored to be just one of them in this trying time of the pandemic. When things get weird or just a bit out of control it gives me hope when I see people as a community coming together as one. The future has been transcribed in our DNA and I want to believe that it’s all good and that the collective wisdom will prevail.

We have returned to our home as of June 1st and feel that we are where we are supposed to be and very much liking 'playing house' again. Everything seems to have a rhythm and we are lucky to be able to tap into this pace.  We are looking at heading back on the road this summer and probably our first stop will be the beautiful San Miguel de Allende.

Being here has been a great gift to take care of our health concerns and I’m happy to say that they are now in check. We are on the mend and being here in Carrboro, NC with such great doctors and friends has made this healing possible as we look forward to aging in place.

What is new for me and a interesting change is giving up a 21 year old Corrolla for a almost new RAV4. They are like two different vehicles. The new car is so special that we gave it a name called BETTY BLUE.

Wishing you all a happy New Year and may this year's journey give us all another opportunity of a year full of wisdom and glorious joy.

Sending love,


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  1. Susan and Ricardo....what a terrific "Welcome Home" update. Being home fits into your lives well even though Covid has grounded many of us. Happy New Year and hope we have a chance to catch up in San Miguel during your return.