Thursday, July 29, 2010

July in San Miguel with Melva

July was a wonderful month for us...including a visit from one of our favorite "peeps" - Melva from Carrboro, NC. This month we housesat at Esperanza 23 in the Col. San Antonio, one of our favorite neighborhoods. It was great being able to share this home with Melva.
The month included usual activities like yoga, spanish classes, art, walking everywhere in everyday and travels with Melva in and around SMA.
For some reason, I cannot seem to work this blog in a way that I like which would be putting pictures in some order and being able to write somewhere near them about what they are about. So, I will do my best but don't be surprised if you find something that does not make exact sense coordinating with a picture. Here are dolls in the Mercado and a view from the "Pipila" high above the city of Guanajuato. This is the capitol of the state with the same name - the state that also includes San Miguel de Allende. The city was an old silver mining town and many of the roads are built underground of old silver mine tunnels. Guanajuato along with SMA and Delores Hidalgo are the main cities of the beginning of the fight for Mexico's independence.
Here, the "Parrochia" which is our church in the middle of town. Because we are entering into the beginning of the Independence celebrations for the 200th anniversary of Mexico's independence there are many "happenings". This picture is part of an amazing light show that will go on from now until October on weekend nights. The church is lit in a moving light show of different colors. Very hard to explain this in words and hope that some of you who visit will get to see this. I am glad that Melva saw it and that I got a few pictures - will attempt a few more on other weekends.

Here we are in our backyard with the beautiful fountain. Please look closely and see if you notice any difference in Ricardo's face....a new look for him.
Our backyard included a fig tree which provided us a few figs every day throughout the month. My favorite fig recipe was figs, arugula, pecans and balsamic vinegar.

Melva on a beautiful street corner - could she have matched her colors any better? The color is the most noticeable thing about SMA - everywhere one looks it is a feast for the eyes.

Richard's newest piece of art was created from his mind and just finished during July. This incredible green cactus is in the Botanical Garden "Charco". We spent a wonderful afternoon with Melva in the garden - one of the few moments of sunshine during her trip.

Zumba, a favorite activity for all. Here you see Stan and his daughter Julia who was also visiting from NC and Melva too. Usually 200+ folks gather on Saturday mornings in one of the parks for an hour of fun and exercise.

Somehow I liked these two photos - collage of daily activities - from the roof onto someones laundry and our dinner table for guests.

Below is a picture of a funny event taking place in the street. The man on the hourse was really on stilts and managed to dance around and have his horse dancing at the same time. This was again part of the beginning festivities for the bicentennial. Los quatros mujeres - our new friend Carolyn, Barbara, Melva and yours truly.

We saw several plays and one of the big highlights was the movie about Daniel Ellsberg - "The Most Dangerous Man in America" which include a Q&A with Daniel and his wife. This was part of the short film festival that took place here in SMA for several days this week.
I also spent many hours this month editing a cookbook of recipes of one year of fundraising lunches for an organization that I am volunteering with - Mujeres en Cambio. We raise money for women outside the city to go to HS and college. Let me know if you would like to contribute to this organization and I will tell you how!!! We are also both still involved with an organization called Ojala which is an afterschool program for young children in the "campo" - countryside. Richard teaches them English and I assist in the art classes.
I think that is enough for one month. We are now getting ready to move to another beautiful home on Sunday Aug 1 and the next blog will come from there.
Amor y abrazos a todo!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June 2010 - Dan and Sofia's wedding

A wonderful week at Cape Cod was culminated by a beautiful family wedding at the Chatham Bars Inn of our nephew Dan to his bride Sophia. There were many special moments, including the setting, the very cute ring bearer, the fact that Sophia was barefoot during the ceremony but most of all - the joy on my sister Nancy's face for the whole day. It was a special day for all the family and Rick said it was one of the best father's day he has had - his son's wedding. These are just a few of the photos taken by many, including our nephew Noah who took many. The wedding culminated with a "fire" artist on the beach alongside the room that the reception was held.Here we are - the "fam" at the house in Brewster where many of us stayed.Thanks to all for a wonderful week and wedding day.

June 2010 - Travels back in the USA

This was a month of many travels. We left San Miguel de Allende on June 5 and returned on June 30th. We are so grateful to our many friends and family that entertained us during this trip. Here is Ricardo with Julian - our grand nephew. We spent a few days with him and his parents Joanna and Stephan on the eastern end of Long Island. For his birthday Ricardo gave him a picture that he painted last year in Mexico. Soon he will learn how to say "elephant". From Long Island we headed to Cape Cod - see the next post about the family wedding.

Then on to Asheville, NC after a two day driving marathon including a stop at the Delaware Water Gap National Scenic Site (and a stamp in my book and hike to waterfalls). We always enjoy Asheville - especially visiting with Sophie and Amy, playing scrabble and eating their wonderful yummy meals. We also had a chance to take a wonderful yoga class with our favorite yoga instructor in the US - Cindy Dollar.

Here we are at Overlook Mountain in Montreat, NC. Then we headed to several friends in our "hometown" - Carrboro/Chapel Hill/Durham. We stayed with Marni and Fred, Lee and Eleanor and Rosey. First stop was to the UU Church in Chapel Hill where there was a 'member and friends' art show and here are our two pictures hanging. Mi Corazon Dulce (My Sweet Heart) sold and was also commissioned for a copy and will sell along with Richard's next year!

Here I am quilting a quilt for Habitat for Humanity. It was made of scraps by the UU Quilters and I agreed to get my sewing machine and machine quilt it at Eleanor's. We managed to get in a few games of bridge also both with Lee and Eleanor and with Marni and Fred. Below you can see a "suduko" quilt that I made and gave to Becky - our niece. She has moved to NC and will begin her first job - a first grade teacher in a charter school in Lewisburg, NC. It was great to have time with her and show her around our "towns".

Lastly you will see us swimming in the Eno River - a wonderful hike on a very hot day with Becky and Melva and then a chance to cool off!

Obviously we had a wonderful month and though we love San Miguel de Allende, we also love our family and friends and enjoyed every minute of our whirlwind tour of the northeast US.