Sunday, April 29, 2012

April in the USA - we have spent the last month in the USA visiting friends and family.

Getting ready for the Camino -
hiking in Asheville, NC
We have spent the last month in the USA visiting friends and family. Here are pictures of some of our spots and some of our friends. My apologies to those who I missed. First we stayed with Gordon and Faye, and then with Rosey and a side trip to Asheville with Rosey and Allan.
Rosey and Allan in Asheville

The 2wo "Graybeards"

Joanna and Sophia
From NC we headed to Long Island to visit Richard's niece Joanna and Stephan with their two kids - Julian (almost 3) and Sophia who was born 2 mos ago on Richard's birthday. Fond memories of being in Mexico when we heard the news. They are busy with their family and their 4 stores - just opened a new one in Stonybrook, Long Island, NY. It was fun to be a part of their lives for several days. Got a chance to act like a "grandma" with Mr. Glasses.

Mr. Glasses with the family

At "Mint" in Mattituck, LI. The store owned by
 Joanna and Stephan (Richard's niece)

Herman - my cousin who will
be 100 years young in December

The living room where we are
in Boston - Joan and Ray's home
 We spent a day in NYC and got a chance to visit with Herman, my grandmother's first cousin who will turn 100 this year. He is so interesting and still lives alone in NYC and is able to enjoy life to the fullest - walking every day (maybe his clue to longevity).
 Now we are in Boston - first a few days with Rich and Mei Mei and now at our friends Joan & Ray's beautiful home overlooking Boston Harbor. It will be quite a contrast, I am sure, to the upcoming days in Spain in hostals along the Camino de Santiago.
The view of our building from the outside -
see the angular windows
My brother Richard as the FBI agent in a play -
"You can't take it with you"

Lunch in Boston with Nancy and Gary
I love the angular designs of the buildings
here in Boston.

 We are chomping at the bit to get on our way to Spain and see what the next adventure holds for us. We hope to be able to stay in touch with all of you and where there is wifi, I will send pictures and hopefully a few words of our travels.