Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summer in the USA.....many friends and family

Biking at Nickerson State Park, Cape Cod
Ocracoke sunset
Most of this post will be photos from our travels north.

These summer travels included North Carolina to New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts (both Cape Cod and Boston), New Hampshire and back to North Carolina.

It would take WAY too long to list every one of our visits with friends and family but we successfully included as many as we could. You know who you are!

with Julie at Wrightsville Beach
We are lucky to have had 6ix weeks this year so were able to cover much ground but will admit to all that it was a a bit tiring for a few days in between big events. Of course, this time in the US allowed us the time to catch up on our medical care as well as our technology needs - a bit stressful in the beginning as we compact in a very short time things that we might spread out over one year if we lived here full time.

New Hampshire with Nancy and Gary
Home made lavender vinegar by Nancy Reiss
Boston with Joan
The best part of all the travels were seeing all the little people in our families - so many grand niece and nephews in both of our families - makes this very special. We are grateful that so many of our families were together in different places.

Sophia at a birthday party

The whole "Vogel" family...growing by leaps and bounds

Happy siblings together

We returned once again to Ocracoke Island (off the coast of NC) which is one of our favorite places.

Coming in to Ocracoke Island by ferry
Daily activity at Ocracoke Coffee Co.

Sisters at Ocracoke lighthouse

A memorable story at Ocracoke
We always enjoy the National Park Ranger talks and this year were able to witness the turtle nest that had hatched and learn of these amazing animals. It was a record year on the island for hatching of turtles.
Turtle hatching at Ocracoke - a record year

Sea shells - Wisteria House at Ocracoke

Paperhand Puppet show, Forest Theater
Chapel Hill, NC
 We got to see our favorite summer event in Chapel Hill - the fantastic Paperhand Puppet Show (having missed a few years in a row). A great finale to our time in NC.
Finale at Paperhand Puppet show