Thursday, July 28, 2011

June and July 2011...Summer vacation in the USA

Richard hasn't lost his skills

Friends from here and there
This blog will be a picture blog....with thoughts about our summer vacation. We traveled far and wide to see all our family and friends. If we missed you, it was not intentional and if we missed your pictures, the same is true. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and so many friends. We traveled over 2500 miles heading north from NC. Our first stop after NC was to visit good friends of my parents, and ours as well - Herb and Milli Jacobs in NJ. They have also frequented SMA for many more years than we have and we wish Milli best on her travels through the healthcare system. 
Our grand nephew Julian on Long Island.
We love you!

LI friends Joyce and Ralph

Richard's niece Joanna in her store called MINT in Mattituck, LI with
 Richard's cousin Maureen who visited by ferry from CT.

 These are some of my best friends from Walt Whitman HS in Huntington - Nancy Reiss and Joan Green. It was great to catch up and and remember the good ol days. They came to Brewster, MA on Cape Cod to visit us.

You might wonder about all the details....we have many friends in Mexico and Ecuador who are now reading the blog and they like the details of the USA.
Every morning at the Cape we walked along the Cape Cod Rail Trail from Brewster to Orleans to the coffee shop. Here is most of the gang as we took over the place. We had fantastic weather for the whole time as the Vogel family gathered once again. 

I guess we didn't always walk to Orleans - some biked and here we are skating on the trail. That is Andy in the back and me right in front of him. It was great to be back on skates again - especially in such a beautiful place.
Emily and Ricardo at the bay
Richard V.'s sailboat with many of the family getting on.

Andy's birthday - with his whole family....and Eli looking on.

Paul and I - checking emails and ordering shoes!

Jacob and his Auntie Becky - having fun

Ozzy and his Unkle Captain Rich

Noah stretching after a good nap

Noah, Laura and the kids enjoy a little rest from the days activities

At the ocean beach - Nausett Beach

Paul waiting for "the big one"

The two Richards getting the boat ready - I love Rich's convertible

 After a great 10 days at the Cape, Richard and I headed to Dan and Sofia's outside of Boston. The first day we took the commuter train into Boston for the day with Dan when he went to work. (His last two weeks before starting his own business - go Dan!)
We were lucky to get to see the Chihuly exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and it was incredible. The big wonder for me is how they ship and pack these gigantic glass pieces.

Here are our friend Ravi and Cindy whom we know from San Miguel de Allende. We had the good fortune to figure a way to meet each other and spent the afternoon together in Boston - makes the world really small.
Kripalu where we went for the day on our way to Nancy's

I loved these sculptures - representing people

With Nancy and Rick we went to the NY City Ballet at Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center - what a treat.

 It was wonderful to spend a few days with Nancy - seeing the local scenery, shopping together and enjoying the sister love. Rick and Richard had a nice chance to run together on the track. Special treat was going to the ballet (along with a flat tire for fun that night too!)

 It might look like we are resting but we were in a little singing class that was put together by Orion. She had us each sing, write our own songs (see the pads she gave us for homework) and I played the drum while Richard played the keyboard - it was fun but we are not ready for Carnegie Hall yet.
Then we traveled two days back to North Carolina and stopped along the way to see Anita, my dad's lady friend. She is getting older and more frail but was still her happy and goofy self. I am sure she enjoyed our visit. It was kind of strange going to Gaithersburg and to Asbury where we had gone so many times to be with Erwin and now he is not there.
Sophie, Amy, me, Rosey and Biz....making breakfast on our first morning back.

Biz, Allen and Ricardo

I made this baby quilt for Katie during the first week in NC.
Great to have a project to work on here too.

Marni, me, Sharon and Nancy
 Many of the "bee" ladies got together last Sunday to work on a quilt project.
Richard and Allan helped too!

Rosey sews away....

We caught up with many of our friends for breakfast, lunch or dinners while here in Chapel Hill/Carrboro. That along with many chores kept us busy - we did all the details of life that would be spread over a year period of time in two weeks - needless to say - it was complicated and I am glad to be organized to do it.  Richard had some work too - one of the departments at UNC that he wrote a database for needed his help so off to work he went to help with the problems.

We also spent many volunteer hours working on the service project for Ecuador that we have mentioned before - Volunteer Med Partners. A group of people from our UU Church here in Chapel Hill are going in August and each volunteer is carrying in a large suitcase full of medical supplies. Richard, Melva and I spent  hours inventorying and packing each suitcase to be ready to go. are my thoughts as we wind down our time here and begin the next year of vagabond life.
  • I do not like driving in a car all the time vs. never using one and walking everywhere. 
  • I did not enjoy the last two weeks of hot weather - near 100 every day with high humidity - not good for walking or any exercise for that matter. 
  • I loved seeing all our family and friends and realize that the connections are deep. 
  • I did miss our friends in SMA and Ecuador also and look forward to going back. 
  • I was consumed the last two weeks in minutia details of life but kept reminding myself that it is going to be a free and easy year coming up without these details to tend to. 
  • We had many of our body parts checked out and all is well - feels good to be so healthy and be able to live the life that we do. Many days and nights we were confused as to where we were going or coming from but we figure this life style will help to stave off dementia as we have so much to remember. 
  • I enjoyed going to our garage and seeing our "stuff" as well as giving some away. I don't miss any of it when I am not around it.
  • I see that the USA is a consumer society and I too fall victim to shopping more than I do south of the border. Of course there is no "Tiangus" (Tuesday Market) where the same things I buy here would be $1-2 dollars vs. much more.
  • I am grateful for Ricardo in my life, my health, wealth and connections and love that so many of you have enjoyed our lives and are supportive of us coming and going....WE LOVE YOU ALL.