Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August was another wonderful month in San Miguel

This was another wonderful month and the best was that we were in the beautiful home of our friends Joan and Bill and enjoyed the beautiful surrondings in this extra special place. We had
our cousin Michele Rapp visiting for a week which was great for many reasons - getting a chance to know her better, showing our beautiful town to her and experiencing her joy and excitement for her first time in Mexico which is fun for us - seeing it again through a newcomer's eyes. Here is Richard at the Charco (the Botanical Garden) playing his flute for us on a Saturday morning and Michele with us at the Charco on another beautiful day. On the first picture you can see the water flowing over the bridge - amazing site as usually there is no waterflow over the bridge.

Here we are in our yoga class - "the trio purple" getting ready to begin. Here's Michele peaking into a store - one of the many colorful photos. Michele took several hundred photos - one better than the next. The picture of the arches is my painting of a view from inside the Instutito Allende with the addition of butterflies. I enjoyed working on the details and perspective.

We visited the "Tuesday Market - Tiangus" and I bought a few of these interesting metal pieces that hopefully I can use in a piece of art one of these days. This gigantic market is a feast for the eyes. Lastly - a beautiful night scene while walking the streets.
Other highlights of this month were the continuation of learning spanish and I can even say full sentences but am better at reading and writing. I have completed Level 3 at my school which supposedly defines me as an intermediate student however I feel quite confused by all the tenses. More study to come for sure.
Richard and I are both working on new art pieces - Richard's is almost complete and mine is a new collage and painted piece with some fabric collaged as well. Now as we move into September it is time for the bicentennal celebrations. There is an incredible light show with music on Parrochia (church in the center - jardin of our town). All the buildings are being decorated and plans are underway for all of the independence day celebrations. We know from last year that there are many exciting events to look forward to - especially fireworks!