Saturday, June 1, 2013

January to June in San Miguel de Allende, MX

My painting of Guanajuato

I am writing this blog to review these months of 2013 in San Miguel. We have been here for a long time and as it feels like "home", I don't feel the urge to write about it as a travel blog. However, I do want to remember the many great things we did and this is one way for me to keep our adventures in one spot. Mostly I will include pictures with captions of some of the events of this time.
North Carolina friends at dinner in SMA. Barbara Rodbell
her son Paul visited Barbara, David and us.

Church in Queretero
We did a side trip to Queretero this year, but otherwise stayed put in town. We had a 4 month house sit from Jan - April, and then have been in another lovely home this month of May.
Cowbirds in formation called "murmuring" at
the Landeta
Happy in SMA
Quite a sight to see!

Tomorrow we are off to the US for 2 months and hopefully will see many of you, our friends and family who are reading this blog. Now we live in two worlds and are always happy to leave one for the other, and then happy to return as well. We are so lucky and I am continually grateful for this life together that we are leading.

Jacarandas in bloom - amazing each year

Mural art in Guadalupe - an area of SMA

More mural art

A visit to SMA from my ol' HS friend Demetra George - with puppets in parade
at the birthday party of our friend Jo Sanders
My English students - a party together 

Richard and Lupita
Our life is full with our usual activities of yoga, Spanish, art, friends and walking up and down the cobblestone hills of town. I have also been working again for a Professor at the University of NC - administrative and proofreading work. I feel good about being able to fit this into a lifestyle and am keeping up my working skills.

We have been very involved in volunteer activities this whole year. I have started a project with a few friends called "Libros sin Fronteras" which is a reading project for young and old - both Mexicans and expats - reading the same book in either English or Spanish. In November, the author Francisco Jimenez will come and we will hold several events for those who have read the book - it is a lot of work, but a rewarding. Please visit our indiegogo site (and see a short film with me in it - 3 min) and please, consider making a donation to this project.

Richard has written several database and accounting programs for various not-for-profit organizations here in town and recently went to the local orphanage to teach the young boys juggling. He has also taken charge of the computer delivery program to the University girls who receive scholarships from Mujeres en Cambio - an  organization that we are both involved with.

Richard making juggling balls for
the boys at the orphanage at Mexicito

New friends - Daniela and Leila - part of our Libros sin Fronteras project
 andthe new leaders of the Mariposa Project