Monday, November 22, 2010

Arte en CASA - an art show

We have both been taking art classes weekly with maestra Liliana Zuppini. This is different for both of us as neither of us were doing painting in our past art experiences. Richard normally did b/w drawings of the nude or sculpture and I did collage and fabric art.
Here you can see Richard's three pieces - Llorona (crying woman); Amigos - which one is pulling which??; and a man with a flute and spirit coming from the fire.

This was an art show of all Liliana's students and here we all are at the opening of the show. It was a fundraiser for another worthwhile organization - CASA and I sold a piece and made a donation to the organization. (Thanks Marion!)
My pieces are - Inside the Instituto Allende with butterflies - my attempt at perspective and detailed architecture; Los colores - photographs and words with mexican designs painted in the orange and green piece. Lower left is cut paper and paint - Guanajuato which is a town near us; and lower right is Circulos (circles) of buttons, paint and other found objects.


  1. Richard's work evokes Cezanne...who was the model?

  2. You two are living the good life. What a story; painting, dancing, entertaining friends, do you ever sleep?
    SMA looks terrific, NC is freezing cold today. We are staying in to avoid the raw winds.

    Enjoy the holidays as the winter solstice 12/21 will soon draw the long night over us. bbf