Monday, April 25, 2011

April - Rosey and Allan visiting from NC

Shadows at the Botanical Garden

Springtime...childrens parade
April "flew by" as do all the months here in San Miguel. The month began with a parade through town of all the primary school children dressed as different flowers and animals - too cute! Also a big fundraising event which included a concert IN the botanical gardens. For all our previous visitors - picture thousands of people sitting everywhere in the canyon - no water running at this time of the year! It was an 80 piece orchestra and depending where you where - great or terrible sound effects. For us it was great.
Symphony in the Botanical Garden

We also went to visit the local San Miguel Ruins which have recently been opened to the public. They are only one half hour away and very interesting as there are not many uncovered ruins this far north in Mexico.
Canada de la Virgen - ruins near San Miguel de Allende

Ricardo teaching "ingles"
 Saturday mornings finds us at a local restaurant where we both teach English to the employees (and a few of their friends). Ricardo entertains the beginners and I work with the more advanced - replicating the learning that I do with my spanish by reading stories and having conversations. We are also playing bananagrams (thanks Nancy!). They have fun making words and trying to make a few up at the same time!! I played in spanish and had a hard time.
 Then we had a wonderful week with Rosey and Allan from Chapel Hill. First a few days in San Miguel doing all the "regular" activities - yoga, meals in and out, walking, shopping, etc. Then off to Mexico City for a few days. We packed in all the things we could fit into the 48 hours before they left for return to NC.

Voladores outside Anthropological Museum in Mexico City

Dinner at "Tacuba"

Teotichaucan - outside Mexico City

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