Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back on the camino again

Early mornings have great shadows

In the plaza in Burgos with Santiago

Our new daypacks

one of many photos in the Burgos Cathedral
It was an amazing edifice but I continue
to wonder why the churches are so grand
and people suffer so much in the world. This
was one which was "over the top".

The cloister in the basement of the
Burgos Cathedral
 I just thought I would update all of you who are wondering what happened since my last post. We are happy to say that we are back walking again but now walking without our packs and just a little one for our snacks, water and jackets. We ended up taking 6 days off to rest ourselves and then took a bus for many kilometers from Burgos to Leon (both big cities on the Camino). I also saw another doctor who explained to me that it was not a knee problem but an overuse of the muscles on the shins caused by walking too long and with too heavy of a pack. We started back slowly on Saturday for a short day and then have done 20K Sun, Mon and today and without a pack it is great. We are still tired at the end, but not killing our bodies. THANKS to all of you who have written and expressed concern for us.
One view of Burgos Cathedral

A Gaudi building in Leon which
is now an apartment building

We have already learned a few things....you cannot plan life on the camino (or elsewhere) and it is better to just go with the flow. 

We are not as strong as we might have thought we were, and that is OK. Taking a bus, or having our packs transported is OK and we are still pilgrims. Judging others caminos (or other parts of life) is no good. I had thought before coming that I would not feel successful without carrrying my pack but now feel completely different. People do the camino in so many ways...bike, with suitcases on wheels, with gigantic backpacks, on horse, with bare feet, by bus, with small backpacks....just like life....we all do it differently. I am grateful that we are doing fine and can
Richard´s new "best" friend in Leon
walk and though I would say now that we will plan to go the rest of the way to Santiago, I also know that we might not walk every inch of it. Listening to our bodies has been good for me. Richard has been wonderful and though I did not realize it at first, my troubles were a gift for him as he had some physical discomfort and fatigue and needed time off as well. We are a team and we have promised each other that either can call for a day off, or a change in plan when necessary.

My art journal...I have continued to do
a little drawing about every other day.

Happy feet resting on my bed!

typical church tower in the countryside.
We have seen one almost every day and usually
with stork nests.

Jose Luis ... our backpack angel who
transports mochillas to wherever
we ask.


Cathedral in Astorga

My favorite item for the camino is my bandana! Here are the many uses:
headband, handkerchief, napkin, placemat, hold the ice on my leg, soak with cold water and wear around the neck, eye mask for light rooms at night, hand towel, belt. That is what we know today and maybe more uses will appear. I am so glad that we each brought one.

Now...enough from us. We look forward to hearing a bit of news from all of you as we continue our travels. We do miss everyone very much and have good time to think of you as we walk "our camino".


  1. Congratulations you are back on the trail! You have your sketch books and each other, no need to rush.
    I am writing you from the Vancouver, BC airport and soon will be in the air heading for Honalulu and Waikiki and some trekking on other exotic islands.
    A different spirituality here. More in the energy of the islands.
    The US immigration was grewling and after 1.5 hour of lines and intimidation I am drinking beer and reading your very progressive blog.
    To the traveller it is not easy.
    I have also been ill as my life as a grand mother is like walking the Camino day after day with a heavy pack. I must confess small doses would be best. I will be gone for a month. You are welcome to treck in Squamish when you return.

  2. Glad to hear you are back on your feet again, Susan. You do have a wonderful partner in Richard--flexible, supportive, resilient, and good-natured! Enjoy yourselves... Kris