Friday, January 22, 2016

Buxton is the new Beach!

Here we are at the
top of Solomon's temple
We are writing this post together as we are waiting to fly to Lisbon.
Inside the Buxton Dome

We took a very unplanned side trip which became a highlight of this European holiday so far. Why??? Mostly, because of the family- Dan, Fi, Aidan and Will and this magical, historical and centrally located place in England where they chose to put down roots. Buxton has become, for us, not only a place of great interest, but a place that we desire to return to again and again. We are already planning to continue our adventures for an extended period of time in 2017.
Buxton in the winter

So what about Buxton. It is the highest market town in England's Peak District and from here there is easy access to Manchester, London and anywhere in the UK. It is only three hours to Wales which is also on our list of countries to visit. I was excited to know that Buxton had not only a Buddhist center like the one in San Cristobal de las Casas, but Tai Chi as well. There is also plenty of yoga for Susan too. All this added to the fact that it has amazing healthy food options and is completely walkable which is really important to both of us (we did not use a car for the week). 

We were there for probably the worst of the yearly weather...cold and snowy but can envision the beauty of most of the rest of the year when it is lush and green.We managed to go for several hikes over the wonderful hills (covered in snow) including Solomon's Temple and Corbar Cross.  We also saw the map with literally hundreds of options for short, long or overnight walks - a walkers paradise. This further whet our appetites for the future.

"Twisting the night away"
Happy 13 to Aidan
"Our" family has a long history as we have traveled for many years to beach vacations when we all lived in NC. It had been a long time since we had seen each other but we went right back to where we left off. We met a few of their friends and had quality time with everyone especially for Aidan's 13th birthday celebration. 

We walked all around the downtown of Buxton, visited several tea rooms and a short day trip to Manchester which was only one hour away by train. We can't wait to explore so much more the next time.

Manchester ready for Chinese New Year


The world's first city to be
declared a nuclear free zone

This used to be the Mercantile Exchange and is now a beautiful theatre in Mancheser

Caves under Buxton
wearing our "wellies"

"Buxton is the new Beach" ..... our logo as it has everything we have loved about our beach vacations...especially sharing time together as we like it to do. Pack your bags and come and visit us in Buxton in 2017!

Buxton in the winter

We love Dan

Snow angels Susan and Ricky

Bye Bye family

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