Friday, October 16, 2009

October 16 - a full week of "juicy life".

Well, where do the days go here. I was going to write every other day or so and here we are six days since the last post. Our good friend Marni from Durham, NC has been here since Monday and we've been showing her all our favorite spots. Highlights include Richard's enjoyment of both his spanish conversation group on Monday and Friday and his private class with a teacher who says he knows all the grammar and vocabulary and needs only to practice talking. I am very proud of him as he has worked so hard over the last few years, reading spanish every day - wherever he is. Obviously it has paid off.

We have walked miles with Marni every day - up and down the cobblestone streets. That along with our yoga classes is keeping us in good shape and also pooped when we return in the evenings. Again our art class is fun for us and a wonderful talk about creativity by two local artists. We've been to Atontonlico - part of the World Heritage Site along with San Miguel de Allende and to the hot springs - "La Gruta". We visited the big art gallery (former textile factory) and last night to the botanical garden with a beautiful walk home seeing the city at sunset. Many delicious meals out and one or two at home. Somehow our day is organized such that we are not home at the right time so we are enjoying the delicious foods of this town.

I should remember also to tell you that we are growing very fond of our cat - Zeke. We hope we are not teaching him bad behaviors so that when Bob and Jamie return they will still talk to us. (Zeke comes to my side of the bed at 6am and just ever so tenderly pats my face to let me know that it is time for breakfast. Then I, ever so gently, pat Richard's face to let him know it is time for Zeke to have breakfast!)
Tonight we are having a little party at our house for dinner and to celebrate the birthday of one of our local friends Eunice.
Haste Luega y amor

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